Chipmunk includes few very useful shortcodes you can use in any content area of your website. Here’s a short overview of the available shortcodes along with some examples. If you want to know more about Shortcodes in general, please read the following docs: Shortcode API.

All of Chipmunk shortcodes are prefixed with chipmunk- to avoid any problems with your other plugins and settings.

Submit form

Chipmunk displays submit form in a popup by default but you can change that by going to AppearanceCustomizerSubmissions and setting Submit form page to one of your pages. To be able to display the form correctly, you’ll have to put the following shortcode somewhere on that page.

[chipmunk-submit title="Submit" align="center"]

Post counter

The Post counter shortcode lists the current count of your posts added in your dashboard. By default it counts published resources only, but you can change it via attributes.

[chipmunk-counter type="resource" status="publish"]

You can change the default status as well by setting status attribute to one of the values from Post Status API.