The theme comes with a number of in built custom page templates. These templates can be used on individual pages to alter the display or functionality. We have plans for few more page templates in the near future so please expect Contact Form and Frequently Asked Questions templates to come out in future versions of the theme.

Resources Template

The theme includes a simple resource listing template. To create your listing, simply create a page using the “Resources” page template. The list will automatically display on your page in a nice 3-column layout.

Collections Template

You can also choose the “Collections” as your page template. It will list all of your resource collections added on the site. By default there will be up to 3 resource thumbnails in the cover that are associated with this collection. You can change that to display you theme’s primary color by visiting AppearanceCustomizeResources and selecting the Disable collection thumbs option.

Blog Template

“Blog” template can also be used as a page template. It will list all of your blog posts added on the site. You can change the appearance of this page by visiting AppearanceCustomizeBlog and playing with available options there.